Tips to Prevent Mold

Mold is fungi that tend to grow and thrive in moist, humid places. It can not only harm your property but if allowed to grow unchecked, it can cause ailments like asthma, eye infection and even major skin irritations. Here are some ways to prevent mold from growing and spreading in the house

Since mold thrives in dark and damp places, for obvious reasons, an area that is well lit and well aired will hardly have any infestation. It is important to keep all your surfaces clean and dry.

Here are some ways of ensuring that

  • Check for leakages in and around the house. The biggest reason for mold is dampness and that is caused by leakages in the plumbing.
  • Taps might have a nagging drip there might be a crack on the pipes that runs by a wall and water seeps through. Such causes of dampness should be removed.
  • You can opt for a professional check up for mold abatement and as they will ensure that every inch of your house is covered. They will also be able to assess whether you have a good ventilation system.
  • If sections of your house are always damp, like the basement, install a room heater to dry the air from time to time.
  • Next, be sure to air your rooms properly. We often have furniture stacked up in corners of rooms that are not moved for years at a time. These spaces become the breeding ground of not just mold, but also for a lot of microbes and germs.
  • Empty your wardrobes and open them wide and air them. You can also spray disinfectants inside them before putting your items back in.
  • Remove the furniture from their usual places and clean the walls behind. Maintaining dryness will reduce the chances of mold formation to a great extent.
  • You might think that your house is pretty dry at all times, but somehow monsoons can change the picture. To prevent rain water from seeping in, be sure to repair all the leaks in the roof and mend the gutters so that the water is directed away from your house.
  • Check the drainage so that no water is allowed to stand anywhere the ground. You can also apply fresh concrete near the foundations to prevent water from seeping into the ground and reaching the basement.

With a few simple precautions, you will be able to prevent mold formation for sure.

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