The Perfect Guide to Bond Cleaning

Moving out of your rented apartment in Sydney? There are important things that need to be done apart from the bond cleaning and packing. You’ll also need to clean the new apartment you’ll be moving in. But it is essential to clean the apartment before leaving if you want a bond back. If you want to save time and money but have the apartment cleaned, you can hire a professional who offers bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

Getting Back Your Bond

You probably had to submit your bond when you moved in this rented apartment. The bond money is quite some amount, so a bit of cleaning in order to get it back is not such a bad idea. You’ll need money to move to another location, so this will come handy.

Cleaning products and equipments

While there are important things to be done, you can hire a professional to do the bond cleaning. This will not cost you the Earth, but still you’ll be able to clean the apartment and get the bond money back. They’ll scrub the apartment well including the bathroom and kitchen and also clean the floors and carpet. The cost will depend on the size of the apartment, and you can save money if you find an agency who offers bond cleaning services at the most reasonable rates.

Do The Cleaning YourSelf

If you still think doing things yourself can save you a lot more, we’ll help you with a bond cleaning checklist that’ll make things easier for you.

Bathrooms: Start cleaning the bathrooms since these are areas which are used the most and tend to get very dirty. You can use natural products from your kitchen to clean the bathroom and get rid of the molds. This will clean effectively along with saving a lot of money. Clean the shower curtains, walls, and disinfect to make it clean. Make sure you empty the closets in the bathroom. Read more about

Bedrooms: It is important to clean the apartment for the next tenants and bedrooms need special attention. Sweep and vacuum the floor to make it sparkling clean. Clean the walls to make sure there are no stains. Replace bulbs, cracked switches, damaged door knobs, etc. If you find it difficult to clean, take help from professional cleaners.

Kitchen: Get rid of all the filth and dirt from the kitchen. Clean the appliances that you have been using and remove yours to clean the space behind them. Clean the countertops with mild detergent, so that the grease goes off and it sparkles like new. Remove the cob-webs and sweep the floors.

The rest of the home can be cleaned in a similar manner. But remember you’ll have to do all this again in your new home, so if you want to save energy for that, hire a bond cleaning service in Sydney. B & R Cleaning Company Pty LTD is a well known cleaner in Australia who can help you cleaning your old as well as the new home. Get in touch quickly to get a free cleaning quote!

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