Systematic And Thorough Cleaning Techniques For Offices

Offices are probably one of the most difficult places to clean in the world. Not because they have mountains of paper or the furniture is a pain, well, not just because of that. The main reason is that, these places have some of the most sensitive documents anywhere. Imagine an employee accidentally dropping a crucial piece of paper into the dustbin by accident. The ensuing chaos will make everything stop. While cleaning the waste bin is a routine work, the employee will bear consequences the likes of which most people have no way to deal with. Such reasons are why offices should be cleaned in a systematic manner.

  • The process of office cleaning starts with the organization of loose papers and important documents. Since the person who sits at a particular desk know which papers are more important, they should inculcate the habit of locking up documents in the right drawers and filing cabinets at the end of the day.
  • Dust the electronic devices and the vents in the room for starters to dislodge any dirt. Vacuum and wipe them clean with a disinfectant spray and a soft rag.
  • Empty waste baskets everyday without fail. No exceptions should be made and every one of the bins should be empty and ready for use in the morning.
  • Wipe all the smudges and smears across glass panes and walls. Mirrors and the doors should get special attention.
  • Seating and waiting areas should have no untidy stack of magazines marring the look of the area. Furniture upholstery should have no remnants of dust, dirt or food sticking to them or even in the crevices.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor if possible to remove every vestige of duct from the surface.
  • Desks should have minimum of clutter making it easier to clean the table tops. If cleaning crews are engaged, remove all items that could get accidentally misplaced.
  • Break rooms are the heart of the offices. Here people heat their food and also make coffee and snacks for themselves. There should be no sign of any infestation or unclean regions of the room.
  • Restrooms should be clean and sanitized. Toilets and urinals should be cleaned daily without fail and disinfected with the right liquids. Toilet paper supply should be checked regularly and some spares should be at hand for emergencies.

Deodorizing is an important part of the office cleaning regimen. A fresh smelling and clean office will be more productive as opposed to one with stale and sour smells.

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