Mold Hazards In Your Water Damaged Home

Elements of nature are a real blessing to us and yet, they can also become our biggest bane from time to time. Water is a life saver and yet it can also damage life and property. It is up to us to see that we control our environment so that they do not become a matter of concern. Dampness in our house can lead to the formation of mold. There are areas of our home that are deprived of fresh air and sunshine and mold can thrive in such places.

What Give Rise to Mold Growth

Various reasons of water damage in our household, the most common of them being leakage and seepage through the walls. Continuous leaks can prevent a patch of floor or wall from drying and over time, mold tends to grow there. They are a type of fungi and can prove to be extremely infectious.

It is essential that you inspect the plumbing of your house from time to time to check for leaks.

Symptoms of Mold exposure – Adverse Health Effects

  • Bare contact with skin can cause skin allergy
  • It can also cause watery eyes and running nose
  • Throat irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Headache
  • Sneezing

Moreover, once they have started growing, they quickly start spreading so it is essential to stop their formation in the first place.


A water damage service can help you to take care of the dampness in your home. There are times when we use a lot of water to flush out dirt or even to put out fire. However, water gets into the minutest of cracks and crevices and then they refuse to dry up. A professional cleaning service can help you to combat this problem. They have the requisite tools to analyze the extent of damage to an area and you can also consult them about the right water proofing technique.

Mold hazards also include damage to property. There is an erroneous idea that molds only affect the surface area. While a slight formation might only form at the top, a thick infestation might corrode the wood or the paneling of your floors and walls. If the mold refuses to go with your household remedies and keeps on spreading, then you should consult a professional at once. Presence of mold makes the air polluted as well and instances of asthma and frequent coughs are reported in mold infested houses. So it is best to take proper measures before the problem becomes a pressing one.

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