Make Checklists To Make Cleaning At The End Of Lease Smoother

Out when the lease of an apartment runs out. Not only do the movers need to remove the stuff from the current location, they need to reach the next place safely as well. Even if everything is moved, there is still the cleaning left to do. Leaving an apartment worse than it was when occupied is not only rude but also leaves a bitter aftertaste.

To start with, tackle all the different sections of the home strategically and move systematically over every one of them to ensure none of them is missed.

The Kitchen:

Kitchen has the most intricate and delicate appliances. Most of the apartments come with their ovens and cooking ranges.

  • The gas connections need to be addressed and also cleaning up the countertops with possible grease stains will need more elbow grease than others.
  • Next, the splash backs, bench tops, cupboards need cleaning.
  • The sinks and taps in the kitchen could also do with a bit of cleaning liquid and lots of freshening up.
  • The floor of the kitchen is the next and a good mopping will take care of a lot of dirt.

The Bathroom:

The bathrooms have the next slot with all the different ceramic implements in them.

  • The toilets, shower areas and the bath tubs will look more appealing with a bout of cleanliness. Even if they are regularly cleaned, these look much better with a wash of cleansing.
  • Mirrors gleam with proper cleaning and the basins and taps of the area, being exposed to water and moisture all the time can get dull over time.
  • The cabinets in the bathrooms should get cleared and no trace of any unwanted medicines or personal paraphernalia should remain.

Outdoor cleaning:

While apartments may not have outdoor woes, houses do still have lawns and gardens to maintain.

  • The grass should have proper conditioning and the elements that constitute the façade of the home should look appealing.
  • Power hose the outer walls if need be and trim the trees and edges properly.
  • Some common activities like mopping all floors, removing spots and dusting windows and sills are essential.
  • Similarly vacuuming the carpeted areas and clearing out all storage closets is a given.
  • Removing all vestiges of dust and grime from the ceiling fans will help the next occupants a lot.

Finally deodorize the house and lock it up properly.

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