Keep Your Strata Scheme Sparkling Clean

Being a home owner, it is your primary responsibility to keep the strata scheme spic and span. If you have tenant in your building you should give special attention to cleanliness, so that the people living there are happy and content and you attract new tenants as well. While you can do most of the cleaning yourself, to maintain your strata scheme, it would be the best if you hire professionals offering strata cleaning in Sydney.

How Often Should You Get Your Strata Cleaned?

To determine the frequency of strata cleaning, you need to know the number of people living in the building, the size of the strata and also whether there are children and pets. More the number of residents more will be the dirt accumulated and so it is good to get the area cleaned regularly. Same goes with pets and children, tend to mess up everything, so special care needs to be taken if there are many children and pets. Other factors are the frequency with which you have guests and the weather conditions.

Areas That Require Proper Maintenance

Though strata cleaning are not very tough, there are a few areas in your building which require special attention. Proper maintenance of these areas ensures that you live in a healthy and clean environment.

Hallways and Lobbies: These areas tend to accumulate dirt and grease, since these are high traffic areas. People keep coming in and going out of this area and so these areas demand routine cleaning. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the lobbies and hallways are necessary to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Lifts: People might think lifts are spaces don’t require routine cleaning. Just think of a person sneezing and touching the buttons? Now you see how much your lift needs to be cleaned. Though we do not stay inside the lift for a long time, it is used by maximum number of people which makes it full of germs and bacteria. This makes cleaning essential for lifts.

Stairways: Stairways are other high traffic areas that accumulate dirt. If not cleaned properly, stairways can become high risk areas, since grease and dirt make them slippery. Also accidents may happen if there is water or other liquids on the steps. So it is very important to keep the stairs clean and dry in order to avoid accidents and keep it safe.

Driveways: These are places which get dirt from tyres. If is essential to keep the driveways clean, not just to remove the dirt and mud and maintain the aesthetics of your building but also to keep the area free from objects that can damage the tyres.

Lawns and Gardens: Lawns and gardens add to the beauty of your building and help to improve the aesthetics. It is important to keep the garden free from weeds and lush green, so that the resident’s feel good about the place they stay and have a good view every time they leave or enter the premises.

Being a home-owner, cleanliness should be on the topmost priority. A clean and safe environment promotes healthy living, so hire a company offering strata cleaning in Sydney, who can help you with regular maintenance of your premises.

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