Keep Your House Clean the Natural Way

Home cleaning is very essential to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the inhabitants. You have to be extra cautious while cleaning if you have kids and pets in home. Chemical based cleaning products can be harmful to you as well as your family. While everyone around is talking about going natural and organic, it is essential that we switch to natural cleaning methods to maintain a safe environment. Chemical based products pollute the air and make it unfit for breathing.

The benefits of using natural products are that you can safely store them and have a fun time with your kids cleaning the home together. They also work in sync with the nature, so that you maintain an overall healthy environment.

So What Natural Products Can We Use To Clean Our Home?

All these days we have been using chemicals to clean our home, so we ignored the already existing natural products which clean as good as chemicals but are very cost-effective. Here are some non-toxic, natural products which you can use to clean various areas of your home:

Natural Products Used To Clean Home

Lemon: Lemon has amazing stain removal properties since it is acidic in nature. It helps to remove dirt and rust stains and you can use it to prepare a scouring paste by mixing it with salt. Lemon can be used to clean countertops, dishes, cutting boards, faucets, etc. It not only cleans but leaves behind a refreshing scent.

Essential Oils: Surprised? You just though essential oils can be used for treatments. Essential oils can kill molds and bacteria, since they’re very strong. You can use these to clean combs, brushes, scuffed floor, shower door, window, etc. Prepare a solution by mixing water and essential oils and clean the desired area.

Borax: Borax when mixed with water makes a strong cleaning agent that also kills molds and fungus. You can effectively clean your dishwasher, countertops, pot, as well as the toilet. Apart from cleaning, this also helps in removing the odours.

Vinegar: Vinegar can remove tough stains and tops the list of natural cleaners. It can be effectively used for cleaning floors, carpets, dishwasher, and many other things.

Toothpaste:This was thought just to clean and whiten teeth. But it actually can be combined with mild detergent and antibacterial agents to make a strong stain fighter. Tarnished silverware, chrome fixtures, etc can be effectively cleaned with help of toothpaste.

There are many other natural products like baking and washing soda, salt, cooking oils that can act is potential home cleaners. If you still find it tough to clean your home, get help from professionals like B & R Cleaning services in Australia, who use 100% environment friendly products to clean your home. B & R Cleaning offers house cleaning services which make your home sparkling clean while you enjoy a cup of hot coffee!

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