How to Get Rid of Mold on Walls

Mold on walls lends a very unkempt and uncared for look to your home. They are mostly seen in places that remain dark and damp and they hardly have any ventilation. Sunlight often does not penetrate certain areas of our rooms and mold seems to thrive there.

Here are some simple ways of getting rid of mold on the walls

  • Mold sticking to damp walls will be harder to remove. So it is advisable to dry the room and the walls completely before attempting mold removal.
  • You can opt for the cleaning agents that are available in the stores. Follow the instructions and sprinkle the required amount on the area. Usually the solution has to be left on for a while and then wiped with a cloth.
  • However, some of these cleaning agents can contain harsh chemicals and they might even peel off the paint on your walls if you keep scrubbing with them too much. To prevent this, you can make a solution at home with concentrated vinegar. The acidic nature of the vinegar will usually prevent the mold from spreading and kill the fungi with repeated usage.
  • You can scrape off the spores after a couple of days and mop the area first with soapy water, and then apply generous doses of disinfectants.
  • Another way to protect your walls from infestation in future is to paint the walls afresh and try to use oil based paint as they will prevent dampness. The paint will keep the walls dry and mold cannot survive on oil, thus preserving your walls.

Why Hire Cleaning Professionals

  • If you feel that the infestation is too high and you cannot tackle it yourself, you can hire cleaning professionals mold removal services to do it for you. They have specialized equipments that help in the quick removal of mold from your walls, without damaging it in the least. Even if they use cleaning agents, they take care that they are not corrosive in any way.
  • Moreover, they will also be able to guide you regarding how to prevent your walls from succumbing to molding in future.
  • They will give a thorough inspection to your rooms so that mold is removed from every nook and corner.
  • They will check for the moisture content in your rooms and also for water seepage and will be able to prepare a guideline that will help you to combat mold.

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