How To Clean Drywall Dust?

While cleaning the regular dust at home can be a tedious chore, there can be worthier opponents like the drywell dust. This is especially true for all those home owners who have just finished remodeling your home or want to paint your home anew for an upcoming event. Before painting a home, you need to get the dust removed from the drywall ahead of time so that the dust does not show on the paint.

How To Go About Removal Of Drywall Dust?

The drywall dust is chalky and also super fine in texture and thus if it is not removed from the wall, it will show through the new paint on the wall. It is needless to say that the drywall dust can ruin the fresh look of the walls of your home even after it dons the new paint.

Removal of the drywall dust can be a very recursive process and it can at times be really frustrating too. However there is no alternative to hard work. But you can always seek help in the form of after builders cleaning professionals

How do they go about the cleaning process of drywall dust? Let’s learn about the process in details:

  • The team members of the after builders cleaning Sydney starts the process of drywall dust removal by simply vacuuming the walls with the help of a brush attachment. Using the vacuum at all parts of the wall.
  • The next step is to clean the walls with the help of a microfiber cloth as it can trap the fine dust which they take care with efficiency.
  • They make use of some dish soap and cool water and wipe the walls clean with the soap water.
  • Once the walls are cleaned with water and soap, they let the wall dry in air.
  • Once the walls are dried, they ensure that there is no speck of drywall dust on the walls with the help of a black cloth. Rubbing a black cloth on the walls will give an idea whether there is any dust remaining on the wall.

Installation Of Drywall

While installing the drywall, it is essential to get the dust removed since drywall needs to be sanded down and then fix the imperfections. It is thus important to remove the fine speck of dust from the wall before managing a drywall project well. This is where the role of professional after builders cleaning Sydney comes into action. They are efficient and professionals and can take care of your drywall project like no other can.

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