Foods That Can Clean Your Home – Amazing Facts!

Cleaning house with conventional products means harming the nature as well as your own health. Most of these cleaning products have toxic and carcinogenic components that pollute the air and have dangerous chemicals reactions with the elements of nature that give rise to issues like global warming etc.

It’s time to go green and take advantage of the efficiency of the natural products to clean your home. You’ll be amazed to know that foods from your kitchen can work as cleaning agents and most of the time the results are better than the traditional cleaning products.

List of Foods That Can Act As Potential Cleaners

Look no further than your kitchen or pantry! All the ingredients that you need to keep your house neat and clean can be found in your kitchen itself. Here is a list of foods that can help you clean:

List of Foods That Can Act As Potential Cleaners-Onions, Tea, Common Salt, Olive Oil, Ketchup

Onions: Great for salads, these are also great in cleaning BBQ, grill grate, etc. It can also be used for polishing metals. Take chopped onions and water (equal parts) and use a cloth to rub the taps and metal fixtures. Excellent for odour removal as well. Rub half cut onion on BBQ or grill grate (when still hot) to loosen the dirt and grease and clean it.

Tea: Tea works very well when used for cleaning aluminium and wood since it contains tannic acid. If you want to extend the life of your floorings, avoid using harsh chemicals. Use black tea, which cleans as well as maintains the shine. Tea can also be used for deodorizing furniture.

Common Salt: Common salt can be used for removing carpet stains, without damaging the textures. Combine salt and vinegar to make a paste and apply it on a carpet stain. Leave it to dry and vacuum clean later. It can also be used to clean sponges and remove odours from it.

Olive Oil: use olive oil to remove sap. It melts the sap which can then be washed off with soap. You can also use it on your hairs.

Ketchup: Got yummy snacks? Ketchup is a must. Same goes with tarnished copper pots and pans. Take some ketchup and rub generously. The acidic property of tomatoes removes all the tarnish and makes them shine like new.

Not only do these products save the environment, they also save you a lot of time and money. So next time you see grease or dirt, use such natural products from your kitchen. If you have to deal with tougher stains, get in touch with B & R Cleaning, which offers excellent house cleaning in Sydney. They use environment friendly and safe cleaning products which work wonders on your home.

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