Flood Damage Clean Up Checklist

Water can cause a lot of damage to life and property and it can be a daunting task to clean up after the flood. Not only has every surface been turned into a soggy mess, but the chances of water borne infections increase manifold. Germs thrive in dark and damp places and if moisture remains trapped in the nooks and crevices, they can lead to the formation of mold and fungi. Here are is a complete check list for flood damage cleanup that can help you to keep certain things in mind after extensive flood damage.

  • Firstly, determine how far the water has gone in. You will be able to get a visual estimate like whether it has only affected the ground floor or has it reached up to the corners of your mezzanine. Pump out the water as much as possible.
  • You will see that a thick layer of mud and other debris has formed sediment after the water has been pumped out. You have to shovel out the rest. After shoveling the sediment, the next task is to reach into the corners. You might have to take professional help to clean out every surface of your house.
  • Next, be sure to wear protective gear while you are cleaning up. A lot of microbes and insects tend to get washed into the house with the water and you can be infected by them. Boots, gloves and goggles will save you from these infections.
  • Be careful not to turn on any switches or touch any wire that is wet or is lying near the water. Chances of getting electrocuted are much higher as water is a very good conductor of electricity. It is important to wear rubber gloves and shoes while handling electrical circuits that have been damaged by water. A professional agency has experts who are able to asses the situation and work towards the restoration of your electrical sources after a flood damage.
  • Water can greatly affect the foundation of the house and the roof and the flooring can both be weakened by it. If you have hollow space under your floor, like a basement, tread carefully on it. Similarly, if you are trying to reach the roof, take suitable precautions as it just might cave in without prior warning. Remove everyone from the area beneath the roof, before you start cleaning it up to avoid accidents.

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