End of Lease Cleanup Tips

End of the lease agreement may not be as easy as you think! Good that you are leaving for a new house, but leaving behind so many memories in this house- more than memories, cleaning the house as it had been the day you entered can be difficult. Follow our easy end of lease cleanup tips to ensure a happy and smooth leaving note to your tenant!

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one big issue when it comes to moving out. Clean the carpets with vacuum cleaners or call professional carpet cleaners for help. Also, it is advised, that you clean the stain as soon as it happens. Stains may be difficult to remove later, and vigorous brushing can damage the carpet.

Fumigating for pets

If you have birds, dogs or other pets in the house, it is advised you fumigate the house before leaving. This leaves a safe and cleaner house for the tenant.

Pest control

You have been leaving here for a long time, it is natural you have certain pest like flies and cockroaches around and it is not so easy to clean their poop everywhere. Call a pest control. It is better to take their services that to clean all the mess yourself.

Cook tops and ovens

This is another messy area. Use baking powder up and liners to which ensures an easy scrubbing and does not allow fat or oil blackened into your oven trays outside.

Windows and Screens

Fly-screens, window screen needs proper maintenance too. Do not forget to do regular cleaning and washing, otherwise it might lead huge amount of dust to accumulate on the glass and stain.

Bathroom cleaning

Spot on and spot off-yes the algae and soap scum! Clean the bathroom every now and then, so that you don’t have it too messy when the lease term ends. The tiles, if damaged would be very difficult to clean and only repainting and re-installing might help.

Leaking wash-basins or dishwashers or taps

Leaking taps and other appliances needs urgent attention. Not only they waste water, these leaking will cause stains which will be very hard to remove.

Call for professional help

Yes, you cannot handle all by your own. Time is a big problem. There are many cleaning professionals for end of lease cleaning. Appoint one for the best cleaning.

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