End-Of-Lease Cleaning – A Comprehensive Guide

Cleaning is the last thing that comes to our mind when we’re moving to a new apartment. There are other important things to be taken care of – packing, shifting, settling things in the new apartments, etc. But if you want your deposit money back (the amount you had to give while entering the rented apartment), you’ll have to take out time for the end-of-lease cleaning. While some landlords are lenient, some are very strict about the cleaning. They want everything to be the way it was when you entered the apartment.

If you want to save money and time – hire a professional who can get the end of lease cleaning done on behalf of you. The moving expenses are huge, so you’ll require the bond money to get things in position. Now if you’re thinking about how much you’ll have to spend if you hire a professional or what will you get in return, we’ll help you with a comprehensive guide to hiring end-of-lease cleaners.

Cost of End-of-lease Cleaning

At times you save a lot by spending something little. So is the case with end-of-lease cleaners. You’ll find some professional end-of-lease cleaners charging you hourly, while others will offer you a flat rate. It is suggested to shop around till you find the one that suits your budget.

Still thinking whether you should hire professionals or not? Think, if you had to do everything yourself, you have take leave from your work and do the cleaning, get the supplies, and do a lot of hard work. If you’re landlord isn’t happy, you’ll have to do all this again. Remember, you’ll have to take care of hell lot of things while moving. Is it all worth it?

What To Expect from End-of-lease Cleaners?

By spending a little, you’ll get your apartment scrubbed from top to bottom, toilets cleaned; door, walls and windows cleaned, and most importantly they’ll steam clean the carpets. The costs depend on the size of the apartment and the amount of hard work required. But spend this much is worth it, since you get back the bond money in full. Another advantage is that, end-of-lease cleaners will have the work done in no time, so don’t have to worry about the cleaning at all.

End-of lease cleaners are professionals and have been working for a number of clients, so they know what the landlords or real estate agents want. They’ll do the work accordingly. Also they have appropriate equipments for cleaning, and take care of the supplies. So you have the most important thing – peace of mind with you.

What’s more?

Most of the end-of-lease cleaners would get back to work without any extra charges, if your landlord is unhappy with the cleaning. They’ll clean the areas that create problems. They also provide you with a receipt that you can present as a proof, that you had done the cleaning.

Professionals make sure that you get back your bond money and have the time to focus on other matters. So if your lease term is getting over and you have to move to a new apartment, you can consider us hiring, so that you can return the apartment as it was when you entered. Not only this, B & R Cleaning can help you with cleaning your new home at a regular basis. So get in touch for a free quote!

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