Effective Spring Cleaning For Your Home – Do it like a Pro!

You can feel the warmth of the sun as you step out of your home. It’s time for some sun-soaking and it is time for Spring Cleaning! Make you home neat, clean and clutter free. While it might look there’s a lot to be done, you can simplify the task with proper planning.

Make A Plan Before Starting

Having a plan is very essential. Start with setting a goal for your spring cleaning. Identify the areas which need immediate cleaning and those which demand a lot of labour. Once done, gather the supplies you’ll need to clean your home. Clean cloth for dusting and wiping, plastic wraps to cover unwanted things, etc. you can also play some music that will keep you motivated and inspired. The easiest way to get things done is by focussing on one area at a time. Start with one room and then move on to the other.

How To Spring Clean Like A Pro?

Cleaning your home means you’ll have to deal with a lot of dust and dirt. Just cleaning the drawers, cabinets, windows, etc will not do, you’ll have to vacuum clean your home immediately to ensure that there is no dust and dirt scattered around. This is essential if you have kids or pets around. We’ll help you with some tips and tricks that will help you clean your home like a Pro!

Cleaning the Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fans accumulate a lot of dirt and it is essential to clean it to keep the air free from dust and allergens. Cleaning the fans also mean messing up your home with lot of dust. To avoid this, you can use an old pillow cover and cover the arm of the fan and scrape it so that all the dust is collected within the pillow cover. This saves your vacuuming efforts.

Wardrobe Cleaning: Arrange the essentials, formal wear and casual wear together and either keep them in separate stack or keep them on separate shelves, if you have that provision. Keep the ones you wear regularly and donate the rest that you’ve not worn for a long time or there’s little chance that you’ll wear it again. Make sure you do the same with your drawers.

Glassware Cleaning: Glassware tends to become cloudy and look unclean. Use vinegar and clean paper towel to bring back its shine.

Shower Curtain Molds: You can either clean shower curtains in a washing machine or use natural products to clean it. Mix vinegar and water and spray generously over the shower curtain and leave it for some time. Clean with a clean dry cloth to get rid of all the dirt.

Carpets and Floor Cleaning: This is best done by a professional. Floor and carpet stains can be tough and they require expert cleaning. B & R Cleaning offers excellent home cleaning services in Australia, so you can get in touch and ask them to clean your home on behalf of you.

Spring cleans means a lot of works, cleaning drains, garbage bins, bathroom, toilets and much more. The best way of getting all these done, is by hiring a home cleaning service like B & R Cleaning that can efficiently do all the work for you, while you work or go around with friends.

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