Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Commercial cleaning ensures the cleaning in a professional manner. It helps you maintain the record of each day, the area those were cleaned. Follow our simple checklist to ensure a clean workplace:

Commercial cleaning checklist includes:

For: The entrance, lobby, reception area

  • All rubbish and bin liners to be removed
  • all carpets and mats to be vacuumed
  • all hard floors should be vaucuumed
  • all cushions, sofa should be vacuumed
  • all horizontal surfaces like desks, chairs, tables and other furniture
  • All horizontal surfaces to be mopped
  • all cobwebs in the surrounding areas to be cleaned
  • Light switches containing fingermarks to be removed
  • all glasses in the doors and windows to be cleaned inside out
  • all glass surfaces on the tables, or on the cabinets to be wiped
  • all accessories like the brass work or any ornamental works to be cleaned

For: washrooms and bathroom area:

  • All toilet tissues, facial tissues, hand towels to be stocked
  • Hand soaps to be refilled
  • Dustbins, waste-boxes to be emptied
  • Mirrors to be cleaned and polished
  • Towel cabinets and hand dryers to be wiped
  • Toilet urinals and commodes to be cleaned and disinfected and wiped dry
  • All basins to be sanitized
  • All dust particles in the top of the mirrors to be cleaned
  • The floors to be disinfected with disinfectants and mopped dry

any splash mark or finger mark to be removed from the basins

For : Lifts and staircase:

  • Rubbish from all areas should be picked up and thrown into trash cans
  • All brass or ornamental world to be polished
  • All hard floors to be disinfected
  • all internal glass fittings to be spot cleaned
  • all the stairs should be wiped dry
  • the lift gates to be wiped to remove any finger marks
  • The handle of the staircase to be moped
  • all decoration and accessories to be cleaned

For: Individual cabins

  • All the chairs and desks to be wiped
  • Cushioned chairs to be vacuumed
  • Computers- the monitors and keyboards to be cleaned
  • All trashcans to be emptied
  • All files to be aligned
  • all desk phones to be cleaned
  • all cabinets to be wiped
  • All whiteboards to be wiped clean
  • All doors and windows to be wiped clean to remove any finger prints

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