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Keep Your Strata Scheme Sparkling Clean

Being a home owner, it is your primary responsibility to keep the strata scheme spic and span. If you have tenant in your building you should give special attention to cleanliness, so that the people living there are happy and content and you attract new tenants as well. While you can do most of the cleaning yourself, to maintain your strata scheme Continue reading

Effective Spring Cleaning For Your Home – Do it like a Pro!

You can feel the warmth of the sun as you step out of your home. It’s time for some sun-soaking and it is time for Spring Cleaning! Make you home neat, clean and clutter free. While it might look there’s a lot to be done, you can simplify the task with proper planning.

Make A Plan Before Starting

Having a plan is very essential. Start with setting a goal for your spring cleaning. Identify the areas which need immediate cleaning and those which demand a lot of labour. Once done, gather the supplies you’ll need to clean your home. Clean cloth for dusting and wiping, plastic wraps to cover unwanted things, etc. you can also play some music that will keep you motivated and inspired. The easiest way to get things done is by focussing on one area at a time. Start with one room and then move on to the other. Continue reading

Benefits of Hiring An End-of-Lease Cleaning Agency

Moving and packing involves a lot of hard work and you need to start planning early to have things done properly. Sydney is well populated and people find it easier to stay in a rented or leased apartment so that they can move out easily and move to a new location. If you are living in a leased apartment, you’d have to clean the place before you leave it. Some property owners are tough enough to hold back the bond money, if they don’t find their properties cleaned as it was when you entered it.

What Is End-Of-Lease Cleaning?

While moving into a rented or leased property you’ll have to deposit a huge amount of money that ensures that any damage made to the property, will be compensated from the deposit amount. When your lease term comes to an end, you get the money back, if you return the property cleaned and without damages.

This cleaning is referred to as End-of-lease cleaning. If you want to get back the deposit money, you’ll have to take out some time to clean the apartment and make it look like new. You can either do the cleaning yourself or hire professional end-of-lease cleaners so that you save energy and time for other important tasks.

Benefits Of Hiring End-of-lease Cleaners

Professionals or agencies offering end of lease cleaning in Sydney provide holistic cleaning solutions for their clients and take care of all the aspects that will help you to claim the deposit money back. This includes everything – cleaning walls, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and all areas in your leased apartment. The benefits of hiring such an agency are as follows:

  • The end of lease cleaners takes care of the cleaning while you work. While you may think you’ll have to shed quite some money for hiring professionals, you actually save money. You can keep on working which means your salary is not cut and you get back the entire deposit money.
  • End of lease cleaners are experts in cleaning and make sure everything is taken care of on behalf of you. If the landlord is still not satisfied with the cleaning, the professionals will clean again without asking for extra charges.
  • The best thing about hiring professional cleaners is that you’ll have peace of mind. You need not worry about the cleaning supplies, the cleaning methods and replacing old fixtures. Everything will be done expertly while you enjoy a cup of coffee or spend the day working at office.

So take advantage of the end of lease cleaners and save a lot of time, energy and money for other important tasks. If you are in Australia and looking for a cleaning agency, you might consider trying B & R Cleaning to help you clean your home and office. If you live in a rented house and the lease terms comes to an end, B & R Cleaning Company Pty Ltd can also help you with end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

Create an Effective Office Cleaning Program

Just like house cleaning, maintaining a clean office is very essential for the sake of your employees and clients. Office spaces are high traffic areas and they tend to get dirty very easily. A regular cleaning routine must be followed in order to keep the office space clean and healthy. Unlike your home, the furniture, upholstery, bathroom and pantry in your office is used by a number of people and so there are more chances of these to get infected.

Office Cleaning In Sydney

Office cleaning in Sydney can be a tricky job and not everyone is experienced to handle it. This is the reason why many office owners take help from professional office cleaning agencies to maintain their workplace. Some questions that are frequently asked by office owners are – how often should they get their office cleaned? What materials should be used to clean and disinfect? What are the areas that need to be focussed?

Office cleaned by B&R Cleaning Company Pty LTD

Create a Plan

While developing an office cleaning program, it is essential that you have answers to all the above questions so that you can effectively maintain a healthy and safe working environment. To make things easy for you, we’ll help you create an effective office cleaning program:

Analyze your Office: Look at your office with a client’s perspective. This will allow you to identify things that need attention. Walk around your office to look for areas that need to be cleaned and organized. Areas that you have been overlooking all this time, but contributed a lot to malign your reputation. High traffic areas need special attention, since these are areas which accumulate maximum dirt. Analyzing your workplace properly will allow you to identify the cleaning needs.

Involve your Employees: A clean and healthy office keeps employees happy and promotes productivity. Ask employees about their opinion about how to keep the office clean. Your employees are the people who use every square inch of the office area, so they know the space better. Ask them about the problems they have to face. It is also essential to educate the employees about cleanliness. Ask them to keep their workstations clean, wash hands regularly, use the dining area for having food, etc.

Proper Bathroom Cleaning: The office bathroom needs to be cleaned regularly. This is an area which is used the most and is the breeding ground of bacteria and germs. It also needs to be disinfected properly. Rather than hiring an individual it is good to hire a professional agency that can do the cleaning and disinfecting effectively. You need to have proper equipments to clean the bathroom efficiently.

 Cleaning Toilet

Talk to an Office Cleaning Agency: Once you have identified the areas that require cleaning, get in touch with a cleaning agency. They are professionals who have the experience and expertise of cleaning residential as well as commercial areas, so they are the ones who can successfully do the task on behalf of you.

B & R Cleaning in Australia offers the best cleaning services for house and office. We’ll help you to maintain a clean and healthy office that enhances your reputation and helps your employees to work efficiently.

Benefits of Using Natural Home Cleaners – Go Green!

More and more people are switching to natural home cleaners as compared to off-the-shelf products. Traditional home cleaning products contain toxic ingredients and chemicals that pollute the environment inside and outside the home. Using natural cleaners means less health hazards and a more sustainable environment.

What Natural Products Can Be Used For Home Cleaning?

Switching to green products isn’t that tough. You don’t have to travel long distances in order to get natural products and burn a hole in your pocket. Most of the natural cleaners are either present in your kitchen or in your refrigerator. Yes, you might be surprised to know the power of natural cleaners. Citrus fruits like lemon, tomatoes, etc are acidic in nature and help in removing stains, shining utensils, etc. Vinegar and baking soda (washing soda also) help in cleaning along with taking away bad odour. Freshly brewed tea can also be used for cleaning and deodorizing furniture.

Benefits Of Using Natural Cleaners

Go green for cleaning Continue reading

All About Home Cleaning Service

Your home keeps getting dirty when kids spill their drinks and pets dirty the floors of the house. Professional cleaning service providers have the relevant expertise to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned unlike your elementary cleaning service. Hiring a professional cleaner not only makes you free from the burden of maintaining your home constantly, it also helps in creating a comfortable and tidy living ambience for you and your family members. There are different types of cleaning services that are provided by a professional cleaner. Some of them as are follows:- Continue reading

Importance of After Builders Cleaning Services

It is a common phenomenon many of us do not like to clean up the dirt or mess on a regular basis at our homes. This is because cleaning your house properly can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Moreover many people find it tiring to clean their houses by themselves as they find it quite difficult especially if the house is a big one. This is particularly applicable if the premise or the house has been renovated and you are about to shift there for habitation.

There should be a lot of cleaning that is required to be done before you can actually start living in a house or start setting up your office. Cleaning up the entire place once the construction is completed or builders is a mammoth task but you can always approach cleaners who are specialized in after builders cleaning. Continue reading

How To Choose Right Strata Cleaning Professionals

Keeping the workplace clean and impeccable is crucial for the employees as well as for the company to maintain its reputation. Management of strata is as important for your workplace as it is for your house. It is always advisable that you enjoy the services of established commercial cleaners in your locality so that your workplace will be tidy and comfortable and your workers as well as clients feel happy. Continue reading

High Pressure Cleaning Equipment and Their Functionality

It always makes sense for you to hire a professional cleaner who offers car park cleaning services irrespective of the kind of parking spaces you have at your office premises. This will ensure that your parking spaces are safer as well as cleaner for your prospective clients as well as for your regular workforce. You may have a multi-level structure that serves as a parking lot for your commercial premise or it may be an open parking space for the clients’ cars. The parking lot can even be underground. The benefit of employing a professional car cleaning service provider is to ensure that the parking lot is clean and hygienic and is also convenient for all those people who use it on a regular basis. Continue reading

All About Bond Cleaning

If you are planning to shift your house or move out of your existing rental premise, then the first important consideration for you is to get back your bond. And when you want to get back your bond it is essential that you hand over the rented property in the same manner as it was when you moved in first. However your proper owner might be fussy about how his property should look like when you are handing it over. As such, you would want to give in your best to ensure that you get back your bond as it may be often be as high as four weeks of your house rent. Continue reading

All About Strata Cleaning

Common areas in your building can often get quite dirty. You all know how terrible it is to pass by dirty lifts or encounter filthy carpet stain. Just imagine how the ambience would be if there were no dedicated cleaners to take care of the strata cleaning, dirt and filth around your surroundings. Your housekeeping guys would have had a tough time in their hands. This is the reason why you should need the services of a dedicated team who have the relevant expertise and experience of keeping the high-traffic localities spotlessly clean and immaculate. Continue reading

Importance of Commercial Cleaning

Several business houses prefer to hire the services of professional cleaners for their commercial cleaning services. This is because the professional cleaners have the relevant experience and expertise in the cleaning field. This experience helps a reputed professional cleaner to ensure that the client’s office is completely ready within the next working day. Efficient cleaning is advantageous to all the concerned stakeholders starting from the clients’ businesses to the service provider as costs can be minimized. Continue reading

Keep Your Office Car Park Clean: Know why!

No matter what kind of a parking lot you have at your business premise, you can make use of the professional car park cleaning services so as to keep the parking lot cleaner and much safer for the employees as well as the prospective clients of your business.

Whether the parking lot in your office is a multi level structure or whether it is an open space for the visiting cars, or even if it is an underground garage space, you can get professional help in the form of car park cleaning service just to ensure that the space is convenient and also clean for all those who use it regularly.

Services Offered By Commercial Car Park Cleaning Companies:

Some of the services that you can avail from the different car park cleaning companies in your area include the following:

  • Street sweeping
  • Car park sweeping
  • Pressure washing
  • Property management
  • Sign repair
  • Pothole patching
  • Striping
  • Graffiti removal and
  • Removal of other large items.

What Can You Achieve With A Cleaner Car Parking Space?

Well, most industry studies and surveys indicate that a cleaner and a neater car parking space can not only attract more number of clients for the business but also generate less number of complaints from the existing consumers and the employees.

It is absolutely necessary to keep the car park clean since the space can be covered with fine dust which can eventually spread on to the different parked vehicles and other areas thereby affecting the overall appearance of the parking space. There are instead several economical and practical benefits of keeping the parking space clean and as a business owner; you should ensure that all your employees avail the benefits in a healthy manner.

Benefits Of Hiring The Professional Car Park Cleaning Service

  • The parking surface and also the decks have a better life span when they are kept clean and tidy.
  • Any kind of dust and dirt can be abrasive for the vehicles and their wheels. Such dirt can also cause wear and tear to the driving surface of the vehicles.
  • When the asphalt surface of the parking space becomes weary, they begin to break down because of regular seepage and infiltration of water. The process of wearing can be slowed down to a significant extent simply by keeping the parking space clean.

Why Should You Hire Professional Car Park Cleaners?

When your business premise is clean and tidy, it can send out positive vibes to the existing and the prospective clients. Thus it is needless to say that the overall appearance of your business can speak a thousand words about the way it is operated everyday to your esteemed clients.

Most often, the car parking area of the business space is the very first place where the clients step their first foot on. Thus it is imperative to say that the best way to make a positive and impressive impression to the clients about the business operation is to keep the car parking area sparklingly clean.

How Can A Professional Car Park Cleaning Company Help?

When it comes car park cleaning in the most efficient and professional manner, you just cannot overlook the services of good cleaning Company as they are well equipped with is very efficient and experienced and skilled team members. They provide a host of cleaning services that also include different packages for the car park cleaning. Some of the facilities that you can avail from the professional cleaning company are:

  • They come equipped with latest state of the art equipments and tools that are necessary for giving your car parking space a sparklingly clean look.
  • All their cleaners are extremely efficient and professional. They have complete training in cleaning and are well versed with the different pertinent methods of cleaning.
  • The cleaners are equipped with the best of the industrial cleaning equipments like the large heavy duty sweeping machines and also the scrubbing machines.
  • The cleaners also come loaded with a variety of cleaning solutions and substances and thus no matter what is the magnitude of the work given to them, they can complete the task with élan at the shortest span of time without compromising on the quality of the service provided.

The Best Features Of hiring B & R Cleaning Company For Car park Cleaning

At B & R Cleaning Company, the best thing is that they operate for all 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thus no matter when you are in need for a quick cleaning job, they are available forever to be of help.

Whether it is a regular cleaning job or a onetime car park cleaning that you are looking for, B & R Cleaning Company is ideal for your service.

Also periodically maintain the car parks and take care of the cleaning tasks at regular intervals.

How To Clean Drywall Dust?

While cleaning the regular dust at home can be a tedious chore, there can be worthier opponents like the drywell dust. This is especially true for all those home owners who have just finished remodeling your home or want to paint your home anew for an upcoming event. Before painting a home, you need to get the dust removed from the drywall ahead of time so that the dust does not show on the paint.

How To Go About Removal Of Drywall Dust?

The drywall dust is chalky and also super fine in texture and thus if it is not removed from the wall, it will show through the new paint on the wall. It is needless to say that the drywall dust can ruin the fresh look of the walls of your home even after it dons the new paint.

Removal of the drywall dust can be a very recursive process and it can at times be really frustrating too. However there is no alternative to hard work. But you can always seek help in the form of after builders cleaning professionals

How do they go about the cleaning process of drywall dust? Let’s learn about the process in details:

  • The team members of the after builders cleaning Sydney starts the process of drywall dust removal by simply vacuuming the walls with the help of a brush attachment. Using the vacuum at all parts of the wall.
  • The next step is to clean the walls with the help of a microfiber cloth as it can trap the fine dust which they take care with efficiency.
  • They make use of some dish soap and cool water and wipe the walls clean with the soap water.
  • Once the walls are cleaned with water and soap, they let the wall dry in air.
  • Once the walls are dried, they ensure that there is no speck of drywall dust on the walls with the help of a black cloth. Rubbing a black cloth on the walls will give an idea whether there is any dust remaining on the wall.

Installation Of Drywall

While installing the drywall, it is essential to get the dust removed since drywall needs to be sanded down and then fix the imperfections. It is thus important to remove the fine speck of dust from the wall before managing a drywall project well. This is where the role of professional after builders cleaning Sydney comes into action. They are efficient and professionals and can take care of your drywall project like no other can.