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Keep Your Strata Scheme Sparkling Clean

Being a home owner, it is your primary responsibility to keep the strata scheme spic and span. If you have tenant in your building you should give special attention to cleanliness, so that the people living there are happy and content and you attract new tenants as well. While you can do most of the cleaning yourself, to maintain your strata scheme Continue reading

Effective Spring Cleaning For Your Home – Do it like a Pro!

You can feel the warmth of the sun as you step out of your home. It’s time for some sun-soaking and it is time for Spring Cleaning! Make you home neat, clean and clutter free. While it might look there’s a lot to be done, you can simplify the task with proper planning.

Make A Plan Before Starting

Having a plan is very essential. Start with setting a goal for your spring cleaning. Identify the areas which need immediate cleaning and those which demand a lot of labour. Once done, gather the supplies you’ll need to clean your home. Clean cloth for dusting and wiping, plastic wraps to cover unwanted things, etc. you can also play some music that will keep you motivated and inspired. The easiest way to get things done is by focussing on one area at a time. Start with one room and then move on to the other. Continue reading

End-Of-Lease Cleaning – A Comprehensive Guide

Cleaning is the last thing that comes to our mind when we’re moving to a new apartment. There are other important things to be taken care of – packing, shifting, settling things in the new apartments, etc. But if you want your deposit money back (the amount you had to give while entering the rented apartment), you’ll have to take out time for the end-of-lease cleaning. While some landlords are lenient, some are very strict about the cleaning. They want everything to be the way it was when you entered the apartment.

If you want to save money and time – hire a professional who can get the end of lease cleaning done on behalf of you. The moving expenses are huge, so you’ll require the bond money to get things in position. Now if you’re thinking about how much you’ll have to spend if you hire a professional or what will you get in return, we’ll help you with a comprehensive guide to hiring end-of-lease cleaners. Continue reading